Welcome to Device Unknown!

At Device Unknown we are tasked with educating the public on how to deal with explosives. Focusing on Post Collapse Environments where rule of law does not exist.

No matter what scenario you subscribe to, they all inevitably lead to one conclusion. Anarchy and Chaos.

During these times, we all need to be safe. As safe as humanly possible. We all tend to take firearms and medical training, store food and water, as well as carry BOB and GHBs. All in an effort to be educated and prepared, having a good knowledge of explosives is no different.

During a collapse, there will be a lot of explosive materials out there to deal with. Our goal is to give you the tools needed to manage them in a safe and effective manner.


We are offering both public classes at scheduled locations and private classes at your location. Our classes and information provided are completely legal and for academic purposes only. Do not attempt to perform anything we present without first knowing your federal, local and state laws.

For more information, check out the Contact Us page. And as always, all information is held confidential.